Team Leadership Center, Village of Egg Harbor and YMCA Announce Youth Sail Training Partnership

This summer, three organizations are partnering to provide children with a chance to learn how to sail the high seas …of Egg Harbor!

The Team Leadership Center, the Village of Egg Harbor and the Door County YMCA are collaborating in a partnership that will bring back a half-day sailing camp program to the Egg Harbor Beach. Structured as an introduction to sailing for children 10 and up, this program will run weekly during the mornings from July 9 through August 10 and emphasizes safety, fun and education.

“The Village of Egg Harbor is very excited to partner with the Y,” explains Josh VanLieshout, Egg Harbor Village Administrator.  “Their leadership and expertise in developing quality programming, combined with their focus around youth development, make this a great fit for the community and a wonderful opportunity for some great memories to be made here in Egg Harbor.”

Participants enrolled in the program will learn to how sail on the fleet of 14-foot, X-Boats, owned by the Village. They will be taught by certified sailing staff from the Team Leadership Center. The week-long program will cost YMCA members, Village residents and visitors $250 and the general public $300. Scholarships are available through the YMCA Strong Kids Program.

“We are very grateful to be back using one of Door County’s beautiful settings here in Egg Harbor to enrich the lives of our kids,” says Vladi Gadelev, YMCA Youth Development Director. “Not only will this be a fun and educational experience out on the water, but also a great character building experience that emphasizes all the core values of the YMCA; respect, honesty, caring and responsibility.”

For more information or to sign up today, please contact the Y in Fish Creek at 920.868.3660.  Space is limited.