Letters to the Editor… Lost Wallet Returns

Boater recovers lost wallet thanks to Dory at The Corner Cafe.

Corner-Cafe-Sturgeon-BayRecently my husband and I boated into the Sturgeon Bay harbor and decided to walk down Third Street and take in the sights.

To make a long story short, I lost my wallet as I was going in and out of the various shops. We didn’t realize this until several hours later, as I thought it was in my purse, and we headed back to Egg Harbor where we were staying. When we did notice it was missing, we mentally retraced our steps and decided that the wallet must have fallen out of my purse onto the bench on the corner of Third St.

As it was now dark and too late to contact any merchants and it probably was no longer there, I resigned myself to the loss of my driver’s license and more. The next day I thought that if I had found someone’s wallet, I would have turned it in to a nearby store or tried to Google the person on the driver’s license and contact them via landline phone. So I called my home phone in Manitowoc and sure enough, a wonderful employee of The Corner Cafe in Sturgeon Bay had done just that!

A kind gal named Dory had found my wallet and turned it into the Cafe. The cafe even made a sign for their door saying my wallet was there, just in case I retraced my steps on that day.

This incident explains why I love Wisconsin and Northeastern Wisconsin — good, honest, hardworking people. Thank you to everyone at The Corner Cafe and to Dory who returned my wallet intact. Here’s just another good reason to visit Door County!

Jane Hamann